Fukura Sake Brewery is highly rated at liquor competitions around the world.

All of our employees will continue to push forward so that we can deliver products that are loved by people all over the world.

Kura Master

 ■Hoshitori PURPLE STAR
  ★Gold acquisition

What is Kura Master?

This is a sake competition for French people held in France since 2017.

The judges are mainly French people from Europe, including holders of the MOF, which is the qualification of the best craftsmen by the French state, top sommeliers and barmen of first-class hotels in France, curbists (liquor stores), restaurants, hotels. , culinary schools and other professionals in the food and beverage industry.
The judging is a blind tasting, and the judging criteria for the French and the French market is carried out in a point system with a maximum of 100 points.
From 2021, the authentic shochu and awamori competition will be newly established, and the scope of examination will be expanded.


 ■Hoshitori BLUE STAR
 ■Hoshitori PURPLE STAR
 ■Hoshitori BLACK STAR
  ★Bronze acquisition

 ■Hoshitori PURPLE STAR
  ★Silver acquisition

 ■Hoshitori GREEN STAR
  ★Bronze acquisition

What is IWSC?

The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) is a prestigious international wine and spirits competition that has been held in England since 1969, and is considered one of the world’s three major liquor competitions.

Established for the purpose of improving the quality of alcoholic beverages and contributing to market expansion, it is chaired by celebrities such as Robert Mondavi.
Sake, wine, spirits, whiskey, etc. from around the world will be judged strictly by judges selected from all over the world, and gold, silver, and bronze awards will be selected from each category.

The number of entries for sake is increasing year by year, and it can be seen that sake is attracting a lot of attention internationally.

Bordeaux Sake Challenge

 ■Fukura -THE FUKURA-
  ★Silver acquisition

What is Bordeaux Sake Challenge?

The Bordeaux Sake Challenge is a competition aimed at spreading sake to the world.

The best sake sommeliers in France gather together to select the world’s best and new sake.
The Sake Sommelier Association focuses on how to match local tastes and markets, and aims to “connect sake and local”.

An excellent panel of judges from the experienced network of the Sake Sommelier Association will evaluate the entries and award the prizes.
The Bordeaux Sake Challenge is an unprecedented stage for all those involved in sake to revitalize existing markets, develop new markets, and sow the seeds of possibilities for development around the world.