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Blended Japanese Whisky

Selected Whisky with Pure Spring Water into the Barrel.

  • Matsui Whisky「Tottori」

    Matsui Blended Whisky「The Tottori」

    Blending only the best malt and grains, combined with the fresh spring water from the streams of Mount Daisen provides a refreshing finish. You can enjoy the malt flavor in any drinking style.

    Product Details

    Size:700ml/750ml(USA) ABV: 43% Barrel: White Oak

  • Matsui Whisky「Tottori Bourbon Barrel」

    Matsui Blended Whisky「The Tottori Bourbon Barrel」

    A blended whisky born from the pursuit of balance, finished brilliantly with the spring water of Mount Daisen. You can cleanly savor the natural fregrance of the bourbon barrel.

    Product Details

    Size: 700ml/750ml(USA) ABV: 43% Barrel: White Oak


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